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Gone are the days when the only option for fat reduction was liposuction. With SculpSure® noninvasive laser lipolysis treatments offered by Kenneth Morris, DO, of Bensalem Medical Practice, you can dramatically reduce fatty bulges and sculpt your body without surgery. Find out if SculpSure fat reduction is right for you by booking a consultation at this Bensalem, Pennsylvania, medical practice today. Click the online scheduler, or call the office directly.

Fat Reduction Q&A

What causes fat buildup?

Your body needs a layer of fat for all kinds of bodily functions. Fat helps cushion vital organs, stimulate hormone production, and provide energy. You even have a thin layer of fat underneath your skin that leaves your skin soft and supple.

But sometimes fat can accumulate so much that it starts causing pockets and bulges that make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. Exactly where you have fat buildup on your body and why you have it depends on:

  • Genetics
  • Activity levels
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Hormonal changes, especially in women

Among muffin tops, saddle bags, double chins, and all those dreaded problem areas, excess fat accumulations can certainly put a damper on your confidence level.

Can I get rid of fatty deposits?

Yes! With SculpSure noninvasive body contouring, you can get rid of the most stubborn of fatty spots that just won’t go away, no matter how many hours you spend at the gym each week. SculpSure works by targeting fat tissue under your skin.

This breakthrough technology utilizes laser heat energy to break apart adipose tissue, without burning your skin, causing pain, or doing anything invasive. As fat cells heat up, they seamlessly break apart and melt away. It takes time for destroyed fat to disappear, but a single SculpSure session can result in a fat reduction of up to 24% in the targeted area.

When will I see results after a fat reduction treatment?

At Bensalem Medical Practice, fat reduction treatments with SculpSure can give you the body of your dreams in just a few weeks. Dr. Morris finds that most SculpSure clients notice a visible improvement within four to six weeks, with maximal effects right around the three-month mark.

SculpSure fat reduction treatments take about 25 minutes. If you do need additional sessions — stubborn fat sometimes takes two or three visits — you can easily schedule your visit during your lunch break. With no downtime needed after SculpSure noninvasive fat reduction, you can return to all of your regular activities afterward.

Start your personalized fat reduction treatment package at Bensalem Medical Practice right away by booking your evaluation. Schedule online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.